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Department für Chemie - Arbeitsgruppe Prof. Strey


Lada Bemert, 2008


The first patent on "Microemulsions and their use as fuel" [DE10334897A1] was granted in 2003. Microemulsified fuels offer an arbitrative advantage over emulsions because of their themodynamical stability and spontaneous formation. In the present work Water-diesel microemulsions with so far unattainable efficiency and temperature invariance were developed. The physicochemical characteristics of microemulsion fuels could be essentially improved regarding corrosiveness and acceleration of formation kinetics. Furthermore, the application of biogenic additives as well as the microemulsification of biogenic fuels such as Biodiesel and BtL (biomass to liquid) is an important contribution to environmental sustainability. The application of ionic surfactants based on oleic acid and amine base together with nonionic cosurfactants allowed the formulation of highly efficient and temperature-invariant systems of type: water/freezing point-degrading additive - fuel - ammonia/amine base/oleic acid/nonionic cosurfactant. The microstructure of the formulated microemulsions was clarified by means of small angle neutron scattering experiments, transmission-electron microscopy and conductivity measurements.

In an intensive and successful collaboration between research facilities in Cologne, Dresden, Treves and Karlsruhe various investigations on microemulsion fuels regarding optimization of motor parameters, development of new ideas for injection technologies and exhaust aftertreatment technologies as well as new approaches for pollutant reduction of diesel engines were performed. Detailed investigations of soot formation and composition of the particle emissions confirmed over 90% reduction of soot output during engine operation with microemulsion fuels. Therewith they counteract diesel dilemma, which is also denote as soot-NOx-Trade-Off in the engine development.